Association Compassion Asian Youth, Inc.

Association Compassion Asian Youth, Inc. (ACAY) ($6,000) offers holistic and creative approaches for restoring the dignity of the youth and families in difficult circumstances. ACAY helps them rediscover meaning in life and become agents of change. ACAY also assists indigenous Aeta youth, in the Bangkal, Orani, Bataan areas providing them with the skills to cope in the modern Filipino world. PIA’s grant assists with psychological evaluations, counseling sessions and transportation of 40 at-risk youth (girls aged 14-21 years old who were orphaned, neglected, abandoned and/or sexually abused and boys who have had conflicts with the law). Families of our beneficiaries will be trained in a seminar to better support their children.

Part of PIA’s funding provides nutrition and educational activities (games, singing, storytelling, group discussion and cultural activities) for indigenous Aeta youth.

“The Special Children”. Narrated and written by Lloyd LaCuesta. Produced by Mona Lisa Yuchengco. Edited by Ken Guanga. Presented at the 2014 PIA fundraiser “Giving Hope to the Children”.