PIA Board Member Dr. Serina visits her scholars in the Philippines

August 8, 2018
PIA Board member Dr. Elaine Serina, together with her family went to visit the Philippines last July 2018.
Part of their trip was to visit Kanlungan sa Erma Ministry in Manila and meet their  sponsored PIA children. Dr. Serina has 10 children that she sends to school.
Her parents,  Dr. Eliseo & Mrs. Norma Serina, sponsor 9 children.
Her sister, Dr. Enna Serina, sends 2 children to school. They have a total of 21 sponsored children.
They invited these children and PAAFI staff for lunch and the children were very happy.
According to Dr. Serina “It was special to meet and visit with the children. The trip reinforced why what PIA does is so important!”
The Serina-Chiang family have been sponsoring these children for several years now. It is people like Dr. Serina and her family that makes the lives of many disadvantaged children in the Philippines better. Mabuhay kayo!
 Kanlungan sa Er-Ma Ministry  supports 50 children at the drop-in center of the Ministry which is geared towards the holistic development of children in need of special protection. Services include advocacy, income-generating projects, farm training, learning and development projects.
This year, Philippine International Aid donated $10,000 to Kanlungan sa Er-Ma Ministry.
For more information on how to sponsor a child, please visit this link:

Dr. Elaine Serina, Fe and the PAAFI staff, July 2018
Dr. Elaine Serina with her sponsored PIA-children, July 2018
Dr. Eliseo & Mrs. Norma Serina with their sponsored PIA-children
The-Serina-Chiang and Serina-Calaguas-Families visiting the children and staff at Kanlungan Sa ErMa Ministry in Manila-July 2018