U.S. Grants

While the needs of children in the Philippines are very clear, especially to those who travel regularly, many Filipinos now firmly consider the U.S. home and they want to help here as well.

Filipino Americans are the second largest Asian American population but their accomplishments and their needs are often poorly understood. Many are well educated at home and not employed to their full potential in America. Many families survive by pooling the incomes of extended family–not just a husband and wife. When it comes to higher education, Filipinos are still under-represented in most college enrollments. There is growing awareness of a need for financial aid for talented Filipino Americans to pursue higher education.

To support the Filipino American community, PIA sponsored two scholarship programs in partnership with Wells Fargo Bank andRichmond Area Multi-Services, Inc. (RAMS, Inc.

U.S. Grants

Richmond Area Multi-Services. Inc. (RAMS, Inc.)

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